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HowDoo, a startup based on BlockChain technology, is a messaging and social media platform that aims to implement a different advertising model than traditional social media platforms. The platform will reward users for participating in the platform: users who contribute engaging content will receive a higher proportion of advertising revenue than those who do not. The Howdoo token sale is closed to US participants and participants of all countries in which ICOs are illegal.

User and communities will be given full oversight over their personal data that is shared with advertisers and what data can be used when producing an advertising campaign. Advertisers can also maintain tight control of where their advertisements appear across the Howdoo network.

On the Howdoo network, users and communities can regain control over their personal data. The full public sale of the remaining uDoo tokens will commence 10 days after the pre-sale has ended, and will again be open for four weeks or until the supply of tokens has been exhausted.

TrackICO - a platform that was established to provide its users reliable information about the best Initial Coin Offering projects and help ICOs attract more investors. This transaction is controlled by smart contracts, allowing users to transparently see how much they can earn for each advertising interaction.

Content creators will earn a minimum of 60% of the advertising rebate generated on the platform. I think it is high time to create a social network with many functions for many people with different interests and i hope there will not be fake accounts with cheaters.

Howdoo gives back control to content creators and enables them to earn while socializing with friends and others. HowDoo is a platform that's designed to revolutionize the current social media landscape by inspiring a de-centralized approach to sharing and consuming content as well as all associated transactions.

Rather it enables all involved to become part ofafinanciallyrewardingcommunityofusers who collectively benefit from the commercial viability of the network. With Howdoo, users and communities are empowered to decide for themselves whether they would prefer an experience free from advertising, or to accept advertisements in return for payment.

Howdoo is using a blockchain-based network of financially incentivized social communities whose purpose is to enable users to earn a share of the advertising revenues generated from their contributions to the network. To celebrate, HowDoo is generously giving away $65,000 worth of their uDoo token to members of both communities in a contest (more info below).

It will also allow users to contol what data they wish to share with advertisers. Completing this form will enter you for a chance to win a grand prize of $20,000 of uDoo tokens and additional prizing worth a total of $65,000 USD. In the face of it, Howdoo ╬╝Doo could be considered just another social media platform on which users can message each other, share photos, leave comments, and so on.

We want to reward user activity; to use personal preferences and communal interests to stimulate online commerce; to give people the choice of whether they even want to receive advertising; and to offer advertisers themselves access to their ideal target markets - alongside the ability to converse with people prepared to listen.

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